" Within her mind, she searched for memories from a day with him. By the coast, it was autumn, many days and months before the windstorm of all events had turned her world up side down, at that time when things still buried well known names and words still had one single meaning, when people, freedom and love was just that, people, freedom and love. They still had not turned into fake words. She tried to experience that very moment again, the red moist soil, the intense smell from the woods of pine and eucalyptus, where the carpet of dry leaves were getting softer after a long warm summer, and where the reddish sunlight glowed through the tree tops. She tried to remember the cold, the silence and that rare feeling of mastering the entire earth, to be eighteen years old and have your whole life before your feet. To love unterruptedly, slightly drunk from the smell of fresh air and love, without a past, with no worries about the future. To live in that moment and only that very moment, kiss eachother, discover eachother, surrounded of the winds breeze among the trees and the hum close to the waves which broke apart with a noice in fragrant foam. They were entangled around eachother, inside the same blanket, just as a conjoined twin couple in the same skin, laughing, promising eachother how it would be them forever, until eternity was reached. Highly convinced that they were the only ones who had got to discover the true definition of love. "